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Introducing the Popoto PMM6081: Setting a New Standard in Underwater Research and Communication

November 07, 2023 | Popoto News

Pototo Modem is proud to introduce the PMM6081, a breakthrough in underwater communication technology that redefines the way we communicate underwater and collect undersea data. Available starting today, the PMM6081 presents an array of cutting-edge features designed to elevate underwater connectivity to new heights.

The Popoto PMM6081 introduces powerful and impactful new features, including:

  • Simultaneous 8-Channel Hydrophone Input: For the first time, the PMM6081 allows the simultaneous input and processing of data from eight hydrophone channels. These 32 bit high-resolution channels offer unsurpassed dynamic range and SNR at sampling rates up to 384 Ksps. This advancement significantly enhances monitoring and data acquisition capabilities.
  • High-Speed Quad-Core ARM Processor: Powered by a high-speed quad-core ARM processor, the PMM6081 ensures the ability to do sophisticated data processing in realtime. Flexible power modes ensure significantly improved operational efficiency.
  • Low Power Wake-Up: Incorporating a low power wake-up capability, the PMM6081 ensures energy efficiency (10-15mW) while maintaining constant readiness for communication.

The PMM6081 also retains and enhances several key features which Popoto Modems are known for. Purchasers can expect a highly programmable and extensible ecosystem running on Debian Linux operating system, as well as flexible APIs for various programming languages, including Python and MatLab. Other returning features include diverse modulation schemes, interfacing via RS422, RS232, and Ethernet, high accuracy acoustic ranging, single sideband voice, and high-capacity data logging. JANUS (NATO ANEP-87) compliance also continues to be offered as an optional add-on when ordering.

For more technical details, download our technical specifications sheet on our documentation page.

The PMM6081 will be available for purchase on our website starting today, November 7, 2023, catering to a diverse range of underwater communication and research needs across industries.

For more info, contact:
Jim DellaMorte
Phone: 800-541-6407