Underwater Acoustic Modems

With its high reliability and robust modulation schemes, Popoto Modem's underwater acoustic modems deliver subsea data where and when you need it. With features such as JANUS standardization and an intuitive Python API for on-board user programming, our acoustic modems can be used for any underwater IOT application.

Popoto Modem's underwater acoustic modems are equipped with advanced error correction and data compression algorithms, ensuring accurate and efficient data transmission. With a wide operating range, these modems can transmit data over long distances and in challenging underwater environments. Researchers, engineers, and ocean explorers can rely on Popoto Modem's acoustic modems for a reliable and flexible solution for their underwater data needs.

Popoto Modem M2000 Underwater Acoustic Modem

Popoto M2000

Popoto Modem M2000 Underwater Acoustic Modem

As our flagship modem, the Popoto M2000 underwater acoustic modem consists of a PMM5021 board set in a machined aluminum housing which can withstand depths of up to 2000 meters.

Popoto Modem S1000 Underwater Acoustic Modem

Popoto S1000

The Popoto S1000 acoustic modem features a PMM3511 board set enclosed in a machined aluminum casing which can withstand depths of up to 1000 meters and a transmitter capable of transmitting at up to 20W.

Popoto M6000

Popoto Modem M6000 Underwater Acoustic Modem

In our most rugged enclosure yet, the M6000 underwater acoustic modem features a machined titanium shell which can withstand depths of up to 6000 meters, enabling use in even the most extreme environments.

Popoto PMM5021

Popoto Modem PMM5021 Acoustic Modem Board Set

With a 100W transmitter, data rates up to 5kbps, and a dual 24 bit low noise front end, the PMM5021 acoustic modem boardset is the most powerful and versatile OEM board set in our product line.

Popoto PMM3511

Popoto Modem PMM3511 Acoustic Modem Board Set

An ultra compact size of 35x20x135mm makes the PM3511 acoustic modem boardset perfect to integrate into small AUVs, diver side devices, or any application requiring robust acoustic communication where size, weight, and power are a priority.