Introducing the Popoto PMM6081: Setting a New Standard in Underwater Research and Communication


Keep your data flowing with our underwater acoustic modems.

With its high reliability and robust modulation schemes, Popoto Modem delivers subsea data where and when you need it. With features such as JANUS standardization and an intuitive Python API for on-board user programming, our acoustic modems can be used for any underwater IOT application.

Image of a Popoto M2000 underwater acoustic modem

Our Products

From OEM acoustic modems to bundle kits, PopotoModem provides a wide variety of products for all your underwater communcation needs.

Image of Popoto Acoustic Modems

Acoustic Modems

Whether in a deckbox or an undersea enclosure, our acoustic modems provide a complete underwater communications solution.

Image of Popoto OEM Acoustic Modems

OEM Acoustic Modems

Our acoustic modem board sets are perfect for integration into final end products.

Image of Popoto Bundle Kits

Bundle Kits

Bundle Kits have everything you need to start developing your underwater IOT applications today.

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Our accessories are designed to work perfectly with our cutting edge products.

What We Make

What exactly is an underwater acoustic modem? What is it used for? Check out our comprehensive video explaining underwater communication in detail.

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