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Popoto Modem and Subnero Partner to Launch the S1000-N

April 17, 2023 | Popoto News

US-based Popoto Modem and Singapore-headquartered Subnero have joined forces to create a powerful new underwater acoustic modem, the S1000-N. This modem combines the best from both companies, bringing together the power of the Popoto Modem’s S1000 series modems and Subnero’s underwater network stack (UnetStack) to enable you to build advanced underwater networks today!

With the S1000-N, users can enjoy a data rate of up to 10240 bps over a range of 3+ km. Subnero's technology integration allows users to take full advantage of UnetStack, an underwater networking stack with features such as multi-hop routing, fragmentation & reassembly, contention-free communication, and much more, providing users with a more reliable and efficient way to send data underwater. With a fully functioning network stack out of the box, the S1000-N offers users a powerful and affordable solution for underwater communications.

One of the key features of the S1000-N is its ability to operate at a low power draw, while still offering the benefits of a software defined modem. The S1000-N supports multiple computer languages for interfacing (e.g. Java, Python, Groovy, Julia, C, JavaScript), and allows for customization at various levels. These features provide users with the ability to build and customize their applications. The S1000-N provides the ability to transmit and record unique waveforms, allowing the unit to act as an acoustic data logger or general acoustic source. Overall, the S1000-N is an ideal solution for a variety of underwater applications, such as current and temperature measurement, pollution tracking, and other multi-node applications. The S1000-N is an exciting new product that combines the best of both Popoto Modem and Subnero. With its powerful features and affordable price, it is sure to resonate with users in a variety of different industries. The S1000-N is available at a starting price of US $6,750. Learn more about the S1000-N by visiting the Popoto Modem or Subnero websites today.

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