Introducing… Popoto Modem

Dolphin Modem has given its name a fresh update to Popoto Modem! A “popoto” is a rare subspecies of dolphin and is the smallest dolphin known to be in existence. This new name highlights the unique capabilities that the product has to offer, such as its small size and its uncommonly low cost. 

“At Popoto Modem, we are leveraging all the technology advances that the smartphone revolution have ushered in.” says James DellaMorte, president of Popoto Modem. “In the past decade, engineers have worked very hard to reduce cost, increase processing power, reduce physical power, and increase integration for smartphones. Popoto Modem brings all of these attributes together in its acoustic modem.” The result is a modem that has tremendous capability at a low price point, that enables new possibilities in the application of underwater modems. “Its our hope that this new price point enables applications that we haven’t even dreamed of yet because they were previously cost prohibited.”

The mission of Popoto Modem is clear: To deliver the highest capability, most reliable, lowest power, acoustic modem an accessible price that has never been seen before. If you would like more details on Popoto Modem products, take a look at our product lineup at

Our engineers are here to help tailor Popoto to your specific underwater communication challenge. If you would like more details, email us at or give us a call at 1 (800) 541-6407.

Though the name changes, its obvious that the commitment to high quality underwater communication products stays the same!