Popoto Modem featured in ROV Planet magazine

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Popoto Modem announces first, affordable NATO ANEP-87 (JANUS) OEM underwater communications system

CAPE COD, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PopotoModem is pleased to announce the first low cost, small-scale, JANUS compliant underwater acoustic modem target for OEM solutions. This flexible modem board-set measures 60mm x 90mm and features a 100-watt transmitter and an ultra-low noise receiver utilizing sophisticated DSP technology by Texas Instruments. By implementing the JANUS standard for undersea telecom, this modem maximizes interoperability with the outside world.

“We believe we have created an exceptional modem, achieving low cost, small size, and high ACOMMS reliability. We are eager to help our customers integrate it and become innovators in this new ‘internet of underwater

Introducing… Popoto Modem

Dolphin Modem has given its name a fresh update to Popoto Modem! A “popoto” is a rare subspecies of dolphin and is the smallest dolphin known to be in existence. This new name highlights the unique capabilities that the product has to offer, such as its small size and its uncommonly low cost. 

“At Popoto Modem, we are leveraging all the technology advances that the smartphone revolution have ushered in.” says James DellaMorte, president of Popoto Modem. “In the past decade, engineers have worked very hard to reduce cost, increase processing power, reduce physical power, and increase integration for smartphones. …

Popoto Modem Releases 100W Deckbox

Popoto Modem releases version 2.0 incorporating voice and high speed data

Popoto Modem releases version 2.0 of their subsea communications platform. This newest release adds Single Sideband Voice communications and 5 KBps PSK voice, in a compact 60x90x50 mm package. New features include:

  • Low Power Wake Up : < 25mW
  • Single Side Band (SSB) voice with 100W PEP.
  • Multiple Modulation rates 5 KBps, 2.5 KBps and 1.25 KBps.
  • Compact Package
  • Flexible input voltage from 9 to 19 Volts.

Come see us at Oceanology International Americas

Come see us at Booth A33. We will be displaying our products, and as part of the Future Tech Pavilion, we will be presenting two 20 minute talks about Popoto Modem.…